Contactless Vehicle Valuations

Find out your market and dealership trade-in values

what is the expected trade in value of your vehicle

Receive details of the market and trade-in value of any car or utility vehicle based on its VIN number, right to your email inbox.

Information you’ll receive includes: general vehicle information, specifics like engine number and colour,  any police interest in the vehicle, and the market and trade-in valuation.

Trading In is the process swapping one vehicle for another vehicle at a dealership. If there is a shortfall on what you owe on the vehicle you’re trading in, that value will be included in the calculation of the value of the car you’re looking to receive.

How does it work

What are the steps to requesting a valuation?

Request a valuation

We will use a VIN number to retrieve data on your nominated vehicle to calculate its value

Perform a contactless vehicle analysis

We perform a detailed data analysis of you vehicle - pulling from government and police records - to determine the value of your vehicle, as well as confirm any interest by the police in the nominated vehicle. We will send a confirmation email to confirm that we can process your request

Payment to be processed

With the confirmation email, we will provide an invoice detailing the charge and how to pay

Valuation Report

Once payment has been received, we will provide your vehicle valuation report via email

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Valuations are priced at R100 each
Payment to be made via EFT
Receive a detailed PDF report for each submitted vehicle
Each report is valid for 7 days only
Each valuation is an estimate of the market value of the vehicle only
Please contact us for a sample report