Paid Advertising Packages

For private sellers and dealerships

Why Pay?

Large reduction in fraud

Fraudsters will avoid posting on AdMonkey as they will be traceable via their bank accounts. Traceability is removed if a service is made free to all.

Increase in quality adverts

Only serious sellers will list on a paid platform. If a platform is free, anyone and every can post without cost or consequence. Dramatically reducing the quality of ads, goods, and services.

Up to 4x lower cost

Compared to competitors, AdMonkey is still up to four times lower in cost to market you vehicle for sale. Saving you much in marketing costs.


*VAT included

You will be able to submit up to 1 ads for the period of 14 days
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*VAT included

You will be able to submit up to 1 ads for the period of 31 days
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*VAT included

You will be able to submit up to 10 ads for the period of 62 days
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How Does It Work?

Select a package

Select either from above or when you post a paid advert via your logged in profile

Post a paid advert

Post a quality advert showing off the best sides of your vehicle. Display critical points that buyers look for, along with video walk-throughs and more.

Watch the inquiries come in

Receive inquiries via validated cellphone numbers and email. Use our built in chat system to communicate with buyers if so desired.

Renew your package once it expires

You will be notified once your package expires. When this happens, you can manually renew your package or you can subscribe to reoccurring payments via our PayFast payment gateway,