COVID-19 – the novel coronavirus outbreak effecting the whole world right now – effects many people and many things. First and foremost, it effects the health and wellbeing of many. Secondly, the effects are economy. Going forward we can expect a massive economic slowdown in our economy and beautiful country, making life harder for all and making many things more expensive. For the time being however, the lockdown and the travel restrictions being enforced are having a positive effect on the petrol price for the regular South African.

The Department of Energy in South Africa has published the latest fuel price adjustments for the month of April 2020. Showing the following welcome changes per litre:

  • Petrol 95 Octane: down R1.88 inland, and 1.94 at the coast.
  • Petrol 93 octane: down R1.76 inland, and 1.82 at the coast
  • Diesel 0.05%: down R1.34 inland, and R1.40 at the coast
  • Diesel 0.005%: down R1.35 inland, and R1.41 at the coast
  • Illuminating paraffin: down R1.84 inland, and R1.98 at the coast

These numbers showing drop of almost R2 per litre of petrol, and R1.40 for diesel! Price drops compressed further by the war between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

For now we cannot say how long this drop will last, or if it will be the only one. These price drops will be welcomed by essential service providers who race around to help provide the critical services we all now. Remember all: stay indoors. If you must travel, be safe and keep washing those hands.