Hi there fellow AdMonkey’s!

July 2019 was a very exciting month for us here at AdMonkey. It’s the month AdMonkey was opened up to all the beautiful people of our rainbow nation. That’s right, you’ve just gone live and what it start it’s been!

We must be doing something right, because in just over 4 weeks near 300 of you beautiful folk have signed up and started marketing on the AdMonkey platform. Not too shabby for a baby monkey.

What is AdMonkey

In short, the AdMonkey Vehicle Classifieds system is a classified ads platform, designed to help you easily buy, sell, rent, or auction vehicles and services online in South Africa.

It features intuitive buying, selling, renting, and bidding functionality, all aspects of the platform are designed to help its users to better buy and sell their vehicles and services online.

Why does AdMonkey exist

So, the big question; why start AdMonkey at all? There are three core starting reasons: the economy, safety, and convenience. Let me explain.

The Economy

South Africa is a land of ingenuity and determination. Basically, folks here make a plan when they need to. The economy is currently experiencing a bit of a downturn. Life is getting more expensive. AdMonkey was, in part, started to support this. If you need to sell a vehicle online, or promote a service that you’re providing. This is the place you do that. You define your advert, and we do the leg work in promoting on the internet so that it appears in search engines. We also will be providing other means to enable you to spread the word on your advert. More on that later.


We’ve all experienced it, you buy something online and before you know it, the seller makes off with your money. Many, if not all other online classified advert platform do not properly monitor or regulate their platforms against fraud and/or unsavoury characters beyond controlling the types of adverts best suit their platform. This type financial fraud/theft drives us crazy here at AdMonkey, to the point where we throw our bananas out the cot. We have MAJOR plans to tackle this issue & more. They’re very good plans. As we’ve only just launched, not all systems are in place just yet, but will be in time.

Currently we provide measures to report suspicious or fraudulent adverts (thanks to those who have already used this feature, you rock), leave public facing reviews of the seller/buyer (we’ll detail how to do this in a future blog post), we monitor the origin of traffic to ensure that the buyers/sellers operate within the borders of South Africa (to prevent foreign persons posting fraudulent adverts), and finally we curate all listings by hand that are posted on the platform. We personally identify adverts that seem suspicious, and protect you against them before you even notice they’re there.

Additional protections in the pipeline will be cellphone authentication (to prove the number listed on an advert is legitimate), additional approval automations to help use not drop the ball, and a few big secrets that I can’t divulge right now. 😉


AdMonkey is designed to be super fast, intuitive, and… convenient. We put great effort into making the platform as simple to use and accessible anywhere. This is to help anyone feel comfortable to use the platform. If you do need an extra helping hand, we also provide easy to understand support and How-To blog articles for you to read. Those will be coming next after this post.

These bits of functionality are just the beginning. As we release new functionality that you can better use to buy, sell, rent, auction, and promote, we will let you know via this blog and our newsletter. All so that you’ll always be on top of the best ways you can use the system to better serve you.

Thanks for taking to the time to read our very first blog post! This is just the beginning, and we’re very excited for the future.

Next in our series of blog posts, we’ll be explaining how to sign-up for an account, and how to post your first advert.