How can I add my cellphone number to my ad?

To have your cellphone number displayed on your ad’s without displaying it freely in the text of your ad – it is not safe to freely display your cell number on the internet. You will need to add your cellphone number to your account profile (Account > Profile page). Once your number is added there, it will be made available to other logged in users and safe from the general internet.

Please note: it’s best practice to not display your phone number as text in the body of your ad. Instead, add it to your AdMonkey profile so that it’s only visible to other AdMonkey users who should be seeing it.

How can I contact seller and where to find their phone number?

In order to retrieve the phone number of the seller, you first need to be logged into the AdMonkey system. If you’re not, you will not see any phone number for the seller on the ad. One you’re logged in, go to the sellers ad(s) and you will notice a red block with the sellers cellular phone number.

If you wish to send a message to the seller, you may send one directly from the ad itself without having to log in.

I'm being asked for a location?

Locations in AdMonkey are integrated into Google Maps. 

To set an address for your ad, simply input the area name that the goods item is and you’ll be presented with the closes location to that as an option. Then select that option. 

For example, if you enter the area for your ad as “Pinelands". Just below that you’ll see options that closely match that: “Pinelands, Cape Town". Then select “Pinelands, Cape Town" as your ad address.

If you’re a service provider or car dealership and you want to make available the exact location of the service or product. You may input the full street address in the input and select the closest match.

Types of ads

Our Marketplace offers you many different types of ads which you can select during ad posting or reposting. Available ad types are:

  1. Sell – the normal sale type ad
  2. Auction – put your vehicle up for a timed auction. At the end of the auction a winner will be selected and both seller and bidder emailed. The seller then contacts the winner and complete the sale.
  3. Buying – use if you’re wanting to show that you’re looking for something you’ve not yet seen on the platform.
  4. Rent – use if you want to rent out a vehicle or service subscription.

It is not possible to switch between different ad types when the advert has gone live.

I don't see the sub category I want to list under as an option?

For folks that are not logged in, AdMonkey only displays categories and sub categories which have adverts associated to those categories. This just means that you’re a trend setter, a cool kid, the first to list under this category you’re looking for.

If you would like to list and see all possible categories that AdMonkey supports, please log in and start the process of creating a new advert. There, you will see the full list of categories available for your new advert.

How auctions work?

In order to participate in any auction first you need to register an account. Once registered, you have option to view auctions or place a bid on an auction yourself by finding an auction you like and placing a bid in the bid box of the auctioned item (on the right).

Below input for bid value, you will see what the minimum bid value is you can place. Once the auction has finished, if you’ve won the auction, you will be automatically notified by email. The seller will then contact you to arrange the finalisation of the transaction with you, and to complete payment.

You can find a list of all the auctions you’re currently participating in by navigating to the “Auctions" section in your AdMonkey profile page.

How does the review system works?

Reviews are used to give a buyer or seller a rating on general advert/service quality.

There are two types of reviews: buyer and seller. You first need to carry out a few steps before you qualify to leave a review. Additionally, you will need to be a registered account holder.

The review function is active based on whether you’ve messaged the seller/buyer at all or not. If not, send a message to the buyer/seller through AdMonkey.

Once the seller responds to your message, you will be able to review the seller, and at the same time seller will be able to review you. 

You will find the review button on the top right of the messages screen between you and the party you wish to review.

When users visit your profile they will be able to see your overall review in terms of a star rating, and a complete list of your reviews, with the ability to filter the reviews by type.

Once you have posted a review, it can not be changed or undone. Additionally, the seller and yourself have the option to respond to the review.

What are Favourite ads?

If you have found an ad you wish to visit later, or to contact the seller later, etc. You can mark the advert as Favourite and it will be saved to the list of your favourite ads which you can access from your profile dashboard at a later stage.

The advert I've submitted stays in a pending state. Why?

If you’ve submitted a new advert on AdMonkey and notice that the advert stays in a “pending" state for days afterwards. There is a reason for that.

If you find that your advert does not come out of the “pending" state and into the “live" state – making it visible on AdMonkey to others – after 3 BUSINESS days. This means that we are not able to approve the advert for one of the following reasons: the advert does not complying with our terms & conditions, your advert contains restricted content, your advert is a duplicate of another advert you have already posted, or we’ve identified your advert as fraudulent or suspicious.

For example: say you create an advert to promote your medical practice business. In that advert you also state that you sell medication/pills. Even though the detail about your business is valid, we will reject your advert because you’ve mentioned the sale of restricted content in your advert, the pills. A list of restrictions are listed here on this FAQ page. 

We cannot allow for certain advert content on the platform, and thus have to enforce these limitations. If you’ve reviewed our terms & conditions (namely the restrictions) thoroughly and feel that your advert should be approved, specially after changes you’ve then made to the advert. Please make contact with us – using the contact form or support email address – and we will review your submission again.

How to report an ad?

If you feel that an ad is breaking some rules or is potentially fraudulent, you can report it directly from ad’s page by clicking on the Report button (in the “Ad Action" section) and input a description of why you think the ad should be reported. You will not see that “Report" button (with a little flag icon) unless you’re logged in. This will then flag the ad for review by our moderators.

AdMonkey strives to protect its users and will be very vigilant in this. The reported ad will remain active until a moderator reviews the ad in detail.

When do I report an ad?

The purpose of reporting ads is to help enforce safety and security on the platform. If you feel that an ad in any way is fraudulent, conveying false information, or or is known to have carried out suspicious behaviour in the past and is doing it again.

Then, please report the advert immediately. 

Also note, we do also take false accusations very seriously. Be certain enough of the actions of the ad before reporting it as problematic.

What am I restricted from advertising on AdMonkey?

In the interest of the health and safety of all members of AdMonkey we must enforce some restrictions on advert types and scenarios possible on the platform.

There are not many restrictions, but they are important. These are:

  • Duplication of adverts and advert content in an attempt to flood search results to give your advert a better chance of being discovered.
  • No Content may be listed on the Website where the physical object, job (offered or wanted), or service (given or received) resides, is granted, is rendered, or physically exists outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa. 
  • Non of the following may be listed as Content on the Website:
    • Any form of consumable medication – self medication or prescription
    • Medical and/or recreational drugs
    • Scientifically unproven medical practices such as: black magic, voodoo, spells, magic potions.
    • Alcohol
    • Explosives
    • Poisons
    • Stolen goods
    • Any substances banned in the Republic of South Africa
    • Any form of services and/or offerings not considered legal in the Republic of South Africa
    • Affiliate marketing content and/or links, or multi-level marketing programmes
  • No advert posted by an account holder on the Website may contain, promote, or solicit any of the following in content, direction, and/or imagery:
    • Violence against any humans or animals
    • Generally disturbing imagery
    • Racism
    • Bigotry
    • Prostitution
    • Human trafficking

If you find that any advert violates these terms, please report the ad – using the report button on the advert itself – and one of our security experts will look into it.

Are there benefits to duplicating my advert on AdMonkey?

In short; Non.

AdMonkey works like any other marketing platform. This extends to the search engines AdMonkey is integrated into, whom are far more strict on this matter. Advert duplication is frowned upon by all search systems, and we urge you to only create a single advert per service offering or vehicle sale. This is for your benefit.

We will directly ask any person intentionally duplicating adverts to cease this act, and merge all duplicates into a single version. Failing to adhere to this request can lead to your account being suspended.

The purpose of this is not to be controlling, but to best promote your advert, and to allow for fairness to others with similar adverts. This also helps to maintain quality levels for all users of the platform. Duplicating adverts will create an unsightly and confusing search result experience for users, which is one of the many negatives we are working to avoid.

We provide many other avenues to increase the visibility of your advert(s). Details of which are and will be conveyed via our blog and help pages.

How can I get more help using the website?

If you find that you need additional help using our website. Please feel free to contact us for additional support by using the contact form on our contact page.

You can get to our contact page by using the navigation menu at the top of the website, by clicking HERE.

How do I promote one of my adverts even more?

In order to promote your ads beyond just the free listing, first you must navigate to your submitted ads section on your profile. You will see an icon (the last one) next to each of your adverts – this looks like a horn. Pressing/clicking that will open a popup window with list of all available promotions on the platform, as well as your currently active promotions for the particular ad.

List of available promotions are:

  1. Bump Up Ad – this can only be used once per advert, so use it wisely. Search results are listed by age, with the older adverts further own the list. Bumping up the advert pushes your advert to the top of the list (of adverts in the same search result) as if you have just created the advert.
  2. Highlight Ad – this will make your ad stand out from others in the search results by highlighting your advert with different colours and highlights.
  3. Top Ad – This is the most powerful promotion. This promotion does two things: It creates a second copy of your advert and bumps that up to the top of search results, AND your advert gets a random chance to appear on the home screen in our Top Sellers section. Advert on our home screen get dramatically more visibility that any other location on our platform.
  4. Urgent Ad– this helps your advert stand out by adding an URGENT ribbon on your advert. This is to indicate that your sale is urgent and that you’re more willing to negotiate.

With an exception of the Bump Up promotion, all other promotions will have multiple packages available.

Once you have selected promotion type and the period you’d like the promotion to run for. You can proceed to payment screen where you’ll have a choice of payment options. Once the payment is cleared your promotion will be active. 

Promotion starts from the time when payment is cleared and not from time the promotion is requested.