AdMonkey is a great online vehicle classified ads website that gives you the ability to create may different types of adverts that can fall into many different types of categories. People search AdMonkey based on the category they’re looking for.

You can create adverts to sell or buy goods, rent a vehicle or service! In the future we’ll be releasing other useful functions that will increase the advert options to you even more.

How to create a free advert

Firstly, you will need an account on AdMonkey. An account is used to create adverts, and to chat to other members of AdMonkey. Creating one is quick, easy, and free of charge. To create an account, use one of our other guides which detail how to create one:

Create an account using a phone – HERE
Create an account using a computer – HERE

Next, when you’re logged in you’ll need to submit an advert. Do so by first pressing/clicking the submit ad button.

On your phone – two squares with the plus sign in it on the top right of your screen
On your computer – “Submit Ad” button on the top right

You now see the screen where you enter the detail of your basic free advert.

Describe ad screen on your phone
Describe ad screen on computer

On this screen you’ll see a number of input field options:

  • Title: This is the simple and descriptive title of your advert. This will be the first thing people will see – along with the cover image – when searching. It will count against you to paste the full description of you advert here in the title. It looks unattractive to people searching for your product or service. Keep the title simple, clean, and a very short version of your description; 50 – 70 characters long.
  • Ad Type: An important selection, here you say what type of advert you’ll be creating. With the “Ad Category” option below, changes the fields you’ll see below that you need to fill in.
    • Sell; use if you’re looking to sell a goods item or promote a service.
    • Buy; use if you’re advertising that you’re looking for a specific goods item or service, and that you’d like the person or business offering that goods item or service to contact you.
    • Rent: use if you’re advertising a goods item or property/vehicle for rent.
    • Auction: use if you wish to create an auction. At the end of the auction, you and the winner will be emailed. From there it’s up to the seller to contact the bidder and arrange for the payment and exchange of the vehicle.
  • Price: The name of this field changes according to the ad type you’ve selected. For example; if you’ve chosen the “SELL” ad type, you’ll see the sale price. If you’ve selected the “RENT” ad type, you’ll see the rent price and rent period displayed.
  • Sale Price: This is the “ON SALE” price. If the product or service you’re offering is currently ON SALE, use this field to show what the sale price is. In your advert, the normal price will be crossed out and the sale price shown. Use this to help show that what you’re offering is on sale for a limited time.
  • Condition: This shows what condition the goods you’re offering is. in.
  • Images: Images are some of the most important aspects of adverts. Adverts without images have a far less chance of being noticed by people searching our platform. It’s very important that you upload at least 1 image. You may upload up to 20 images (max size of 5mb).
  • Videos: Add a YouTube link to your advert. This can be a very powerful way to advertise your offering. If you’re offering a service, provide a link to a video promotion which helps to promote your service. If you’re advertising a vehicle. Use this to provide a link to a walk-around of the vehicle. Video walk-around’s can be the difference to selling and. not selling your vehicle.
  • Description: Here you can describe what you’re offering or what you’re looking for. You can give as much detail as you need to let the other party know what they’ll get.
  • Ad Category: This is one of the most important selections you make with your advert. The category dictates what extra fields you will need to fill in to better describe your offering. For example; if you select the “Cars & Utility Vehicles” category. You’ll then see quite a number of extra fields you can fill in to detail the features of your car specifically.

    Users of the AdMonkey platform search using these categories. If you’re selling a car and you select the category “Motorcycles” for sale. You won’t appear in any of the searches for vehicles for sale at all. Removing any benefit from listing on AdMonkey. Take your time and review all the categories available to you.
  • Ad Location & Contact: This is where you detail what location the vehicle or service is offered. You can either use the location and contact details you’ve created in your account profile, or uncheck those checkboxes and input a different location and contact detail specific to the advert you’re creating.

    Users of the AdMonkey platform enter a location (an area or road) that you need the vehicle or service. Adverts at the location and 15km’s around that location will be displayed in the search results. So they don’t need to add the exact location of your advert for your advert to appear. As long as your advert has a location near the one they search, your advert will appear.
  • I agree to terms & conditions“: You must agree to the terms & conditions of AdMonkey to be able to submit any adverts. Be very sure that you understand the terms & conditions. Any violation of the terms & conditions can result in the suspension of your account without notice. For example if you’re found to constantly create duplicate adverts for the same vehicle or service, you account can be suspended without notice and you will need to contact us to have your account enabled again.
  • SAVE AD” / “UPDATE AD” button: You’re your done defining your advert, you click the submit button. This button can change depending on whether you’re creating a new advert, or updating an existing advert.

When you submit your advert, only then are your images uploaded to our server. Please wait until this task is done before moving on or closing your web browser. From there you advert will be assessed and approved. If your advert violates our terms and conditions in any way, we will not approve your advert but not necessarily let you know.

When payment has been successfully received, your advert will go live.

There you have it; this is how you create an advert on the AdMonkey Vehicle Classifieds website. Every month you will need to renew your expired advert. To do this, simply edit an advert that has expired (the little pencil icon button next to your advert) and resubmit the advert from there. You’ll see the “UPDATE AD” button to do so.

Have a look at our article to renew your advert when the article becomes available.