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Viewing an advert and messaging a seller via the platform does not require an account. To create your own ads, start auctions, or to see the phone numbers of the sellers if they've provided one, you will then need to create an account.

Create an advert

Click the button at the top right to create a new advert. Set a good name that would match what a person would search for. Enter an area name or an exact street address as the location (not in the advert name) that you want the adverts goods item, job, or service to be found.

Categorise your advert

Select the category the advert belongs to. Don't make the mistake of creating a job advert when you're actually offering a service to the public. You will not be presented with the correct fields to populate for your advert if you do not select the correct category.

Add images

Research has shown that views and interaction with adverts increase by 94% when an advert has images. Upload at least one image to each and every advert to stand out from the crowd and to qualify for additional automated promotion on the system. Be sure to wait for “upload complete” notice when submitting.

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